A web app for helping avid travellers track and share their world travel.


Tripitty is a site that allows travellers to track where they have been, view interesting stats about their travel, and share all this data with friends.

From Problem to Solution

The idea for the site grew from my love for travel and nerdiness for tracking where I have been. I wanted to be able to log my trips easily and instantly get a bunch of stats ranging from what countries I have visited to how many miles I have travelled.

My travel profile on Tripitty

Travel Profile

A world map with the user's trips mapped out is one main feature of their profile. Users can create trips, add stops, and even upload a photo gallery. You can show off your entire travel history with as much detail as you want, including arrival/departure dates, excursions, and layovers.

Nerdy Stats

By leveraging the travel data that the user has entered on their profile, we can calculate all the interesting stats that travellers might be curious about. Such as what countries and continents you have visited, your longest trips, and much, much more.

This is my favourite feature of the site. You can see so many details about your travels and have them always update as you add more trips. You can view my travel stats to see where I have been lately!

My travel stats on Tripitty

Technology Stack

We worked on Tripitty as a side project with a desire to visualize travel data for users. We accomplished this by utilizing the following technology:

  • jQuery, Bootstrap, and SCSS
  • Google Maps and Google Places API
  • Highcharts
  • Microsoft Azure - Cloud hosting, blob storage, and CDN.

Lessons Learned

I still really like this project and frequently add my new trips in. It has not gained much traction with users though. I believe this is due to the somewhat onerous task of adding all of your trip data in. The end result is amazing but it might be too much work for some users.

I would like to explore the possibility of importing from travel sites like TripIt or a user's Facebook timeline. With an auto-import of trips, users would hopefully see the same amazing stats with minimal effort. Maybe someday!